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The Functional Sobriety Academy

The online course for those who are weeks or months sober (or sober-curious!) who are looking to heal from alcohol and sustain their alcohol-free goals.

Created by Dr. Brooke Scheller, Expert in Nutrition for Alcohol Reduction and Author of the bestselling book, How to Eat to Change How You Drink.


Are you feeling...

...that you've already eliminated alcohol but STILL aren't feeling the benefits? you've tried to kick alcohol but you haven't been successful at maintaining your goals? you don't have the willpower to make a change to better your health?

...physically and mentally depleted from a history of alcohol use? you're ready to make a change but don't know how?

...that you're experiencing health concerns or symptoms and are looking for support to heal?

If so, you're not alone!

Imagine if...

You woke up fully energized each day.

The Functional Sobriety approach will help you replenish key nutrients that support energy production and a clear mind.

You felt a positive, happy mood.

Low mood no more! The tools in this program will help boost serotonin and dopamine and repair your brain from long-term alcohol use.

You eliminated cravings to drink, for good.

Our tools help take away the physical cravings, and provide you with the support to get through triggers and challenges.


The Functional Sobriety Academy

Created by nutritionist and sobriety expert, Dr. Brooke Scheller, This cutting-edge course is designed to give you the tools you need to reach your alcohol-free goals using nutrition and innovative health tools.


Here's What's Inside:

7-Module Course

Our self-guided course covers how to evaluate your health on your sober or sober-curious journey with videos, audio and downloadable guides.

Meal Plans

We provide PDF documents with a variety of nutrition plans, including our Functional Sobriety Formula - our customized nutrition planner for your alcohol-free journey.


Each month, we host challenges, like "dry months", healthy eating challenges, writing challenges and more!

Supplement Guides

We help you determine supplements that are right for your health and wellness needs.

Optional Lab Testing

Through our membership, you'll have access to running your own lab testing, like nutrient testing, gut health tests, hormone tests and more.

Members-Only Network

When you join with network access, you'll get unlimited access to weekly calls, daily content and monthly challenges.


Course Overview

Here's an overview of what you can expect to learn throughout the course.


Choose An Option to Enroll:

We offer the option to join the course, or add on access to join our members-only community for continued support, weekly meetings, and ongoing tools to support your alcohol-free journey. The total value of this course is over $8,400!

Functional Sobriety Course


(Course Only)


  • Lifetime access to the Functional Sobriety Academy, including over 20 hours of educational content, videos and audio trainings
  • Access to laboratory testing, like blood, gut health tests and hormone testing
  • A special discount on supplements and partner brands
  • Payment plans/After Pay Available upon checkout!

Not included:

❌ Access to the Functional Sobriety Network online community 

❌ Bonus: 14-Day Sugar Bootcamp Course




Course + Online Community


*Most Popular*

  • Lifetime access to the Functional Sobriety Academy
  • Access to laboratory testing, like blood, gut health tests and hormone testing 
  • Lifetime access to the Functional Sobriety Network
    • LIVE weekly meetings with topics ranging from sobriety, nutrition, wellness and health
    • Daily content to support your alcohol-free lifestyle
    • A library full of guides, downloads, audio and video trainings
  • A special discount on supplements and partner brands
  • BONUS: 14-Day Sugar Bootcamp Program
  • Payment plans/After Pay Available upon checkout!

(Community option is available for women and gender non-conforming individuals at this time)