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About Dr. Brooke

Dr. Brooke is the founder and creator of Functional Sobriety, a program that is transforming alcohol-use through nutrition and wellness.

"I want you to understand the biochemistry of why we drink -- the internal systems and processes happening in our body that play a role in how and why we drink."

 ─ From Dr. Brooke's new book, How to Eat to Change How You Drink

Brooke Scheller, DCN, CNS is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, author, and the founder of Functional Sobriety, a nutrition-based program for alcohol reduction.

After finding freedom from alcohol in 2021, Dr. Brooke took her experience in sobriety and applied her expertise in nutrition and functional medicine to help others change their relationship with alcohol. After working with executives, celebrities, and other successful clients, she recognized a glaring gap in the wellness space: overconsumption of alcohol. Her approach results in improved brain health, mood, energy, focus, gut health and hormone balance.

Her launch of Functional Sobriety led to the development of her online community, the Functional Sobriety Network and several online programs with members across the globe. As a motivational speaker, Dr. Brooke helps to spread the word about functional nutrition, alcohol-free wellness and the power of sobriety.

Dr. Brooke’s new book, How to Eat to Change How You Drink, is now available for pre-order here.

Training & Credentials

Dr. Brooke has a diverse background that includes private practice, start-up, and large corporations. She has trained with experts in nutrition, functional medicine, and functional neurology around the nation. Dr. Brooke has also been an educator and collaborator at esteemed universities and hospitals, including Drexel University and the Cleveland Clinic.

  • Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition, Northeast College of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences, Rutgers University
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), Board Certification of Nutrition Specialists
  • American Nutrition Association, Member and Former exam development member
  • Institute of Functional Medicine, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice™(AFMCP)

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