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Get supplements for your sobriety.

Functional Sobriety is the first-ever supplement program exclusively designed to support the sober and sober-curious.

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Choose a pack that best supports your goals:


Under 6 months sober

For those just beginning their journey and need support with cravings, boosting energy and supporting mood. Best for those under 6 months alcohol-free.

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6+ Months Sober

For those over 6 months sober looking to heal and rebalance, boost energy, and support gut health.

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For those who are exploring a sober-curious life but not fully committed to an alcohol-free lifestyle.

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Add an optional booster pack:

Craving Crusher

Try it alone or add the Craving Crusher Booster Pack to FS1, FS+ or FSC to for additional support and management of sugar and alcohol cravings.

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Mood Booster

Try it alone or pair the Mood Booster Pack with FS1, FS+ or FSC for extra support in boosting mood, focus, and mental clarity.

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Sound Sleep

Get a better night's sleep with our melatonin-free sleep blend designed to help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

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Metabolism Reset

Rev up your metabolism naturally with this blend of ingredients that will supercharge your fat-burning potential, balance blood sugar, and aid in controlling hunger.

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Gut Repair

This is a blend of nutrients, probiotics, herbs, and amino acids to help rebalance and restore the gut microbiome.

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Brain & Focus Formula

Our brain and focus formula is back with a new and improved blend of nootropic ingredients to support focus, mental clarity, mood, and cognition.

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“I've eliminated my medications and have lost 30 pounds."

I am incredibly grateful for these improvements and continue to see improvements in my health and well-being.


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