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6 Ways That Functional Sobriety Can Heal Your Body

When it comes to alcohol use, the body can take a beating.

Years and years of regular alcohol use can cause many imbalances in the body, including nutrient deficiencies, changes in stress hormone levels, decreased liver function and so much more.

But how do you identify which symptoms or health concerns you experience result from alcohol use? And more importantly — how do you recover from them?

This is exactly why I developed the Functional Sobriety approach. It takes into consideration the root cause of what is going on in the body, so that we can develop an approach on how to support you using natural methods — like nutrition!

One of the questions I am frequently asked is “How can functional sobriety help to heal my body?

Each body is unique and each person may have different concerns and health goals — but some of the themes are the same. By taking this root-cause approach to heal, you can begin to see changes in your health within just a few days or weeks!

Here are some of the ways that functional sobriety will help:

  1. Improves digestion and gut health:

    The gut is heavily impacted by alcohol use, with changes that include imbalances in the gut microbiome (aka less probiotics) and increased inflammation. Functional Sobriety always includes support and balancing of the gut. This not only improves digestion, but can help with weight management, hormone balancing, better skin, energy levels and so much more.

  2. Improves skin:

    Speaking of better skin, better gut health = better nutrient absorption. This includes many of the nutrients that help improve skin health, reduce acne, eliminate dermatitis, and so much more. The skin glows once alcohol is removed and health is improved!

  3. Boosts energy:

    One of the benefits we’re all seeking from going alcohol-free is better energy. However, some of us struggle with feeling the energy that some sober folks rave about. Energy can be low due to low nutrient levels, which may be the result of alcohol use. Functional sobriety and my sober nutrition approach help to restore nutrients so that you’re at the top of your game.

  4. Improves mood:

    Alcohol use can sabotage our body’s stores of important nutrients for the brain (like B12, folate, B3, magnesium and more). Nutrition and functional sobriety help identify the cause of low mood, and then support it using functional foods, supplements, stress management and so much more.

  5. Reduces cravings:

    Experiencing alcohol cravings? What about sugar cravings? Sugar cravings can plague those of us who are alcohol-free for years to come. However, sugar cravings can be the result of imbalanced blood sugar, poor gut health, and even low brain chemicals. The good news is that food and nutrition can help eliminate cravings for GOOD, making it easier to pass on the drink or dessert.

  6. Balances hormones

    Many people find that their hormones take a hit with heavy alcohol use. This is due to the high levels of stress and burden placed on the liver — one of the main sites of hormone balance in the body. By addressing liver health and using herbs and nutrients to support hormonal health, you can rest assured that your hormones will be back in order.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to improve your health, gain support in your sober or sober-curious journey, or just looking to manage your nutrition, Functional Sobriety can be the tool that will keep you on track!

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